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Motorworld’s newspaper № 3
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Moto Guzzi vehicles have always stood out for their original design, and this model is no exception. In 1934, Guzzi began production of the V model, the most typical model in the 500cc class. Once the V was equipped with a soft rear wheel suspension, it became known as GTV (Gran Turismo V). Prior to the war, the GTV had a double exhaust pipe and was painted dark red, while subsequent models had a single exhaust pipe and were painted shiny red. It was an innovative model for Moto Guzzi, thanks to its higher efficiency, compared to previous models, and more rounded lines. The very first GTV model was produced in several versions until 1947 when it was equipped with a telescopic saddle. The latest versions of the V engine were used on Astore and Falcone models (the last one was produced until 1967). In total, the V engine was used for more than 30 years, which indicates its efficiency and innovation.

The Moto Guzzi GTV 500 had a horizontal cylinder, a large-diameter external flywheel, an overhead valve train, and a spring rear wheel suspension, located under the engine.

Manufacturer Societa Antonima Moto Guzzi, Mandello del Lario, Italy
Years of manufacture 1934 – 1949
Quantity produced, units 2 119
Price N/A
Today’s value N/A
Тип Single cylinder, OHV, 4 stroke with 2 valves
Engine capacity, cc 498,4
Bore and stroke, mm 88 x 82
Engine rating 18,9 hp at 4300 rpm
Sparking Magneto Bosch
Carburetor Amal or Dell’Orto MD 27 mm
Battery 6V
Clutch Multiple-plate, dry
Transmission 4-speed
Frame type Duplex tubular
Front suspension Parallelogram with friction damper
Rear suspension Pendulum gear
Brakes Drum type
Wheel size 19 x 2,50
Length, mm
2 200*
Width, mm
Height, mm
1 060*
Wheelbase, mm
1 400
Ground clearance, mm
Seat height, mm
Mass, kg
Gas tank size, l
Maximum speed, km/h
Range, km

* – Data on the results of the measurement at the exhibit of “Motorworld by V.Sheyanov”.