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We decided to collect all heavy motorcycles that were produced in series by all manufacturers: 267 makes and 1809 models on planet Earth from 1930 untill 1945.

From nuts and bolts, from furthest parts of our huge world we collected 104 pieces of technical art and 410 left have to be found. All countries, whole continents: America, Europe and Asia are staring at each others eyes under the hood of “Motorworld” museum. The history is alive again.

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Under the rule of ideologist and museum owner Vyacheslav Sheyanov our small, but single-minded team collects, restores and maintains the most thrilling motorcycles of the past.

Now we have more than 100 exhibits in the collection. And we won’t stop, we want to close all the “gaps”, collect complete lines.

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People, who care about our mission. Experts, restorers, the good people – our partners

“Motorworld” gives an ability to make tours on our collection. We will tell you how to become a guide

Communities of motorheads (like-minded)

Retro-museums of the world

Meetings and other events. Retro-activities

Articles, clips and other mentions of “Motorworld” in press and other media.
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