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«Motorworld» gives a meeting with the living legends

«Motorworld by V. Sheyanov» has been collecting and restoring unique exhibits of the Golden Age of motorcycle industry for twenty years.

The efforts of our team, as well as the best restorers from Russia, the Baltic States, Italy, France and Britain, led to the fact that almost a hundred motorcycles with engine dispatch more than 750cc are in the state “like new”. Millions of people of that Great era dreamt about these motorcycles..

Motorcycle lovers could only dream of the opportunity to touch the steel masterpieces. Today, this opportunity is provided to everyone with «Motorworld by V. Sheyanov».

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Only in our museum you can see and try the most powerful and fastest motorcycles from 14 leading countries of the world.

Welcome to the «Golden Age»

Together with you we will create an individual weekend tour. We propose to form your day from the main and elective programs.

The main program includes:

  • Transfer from Kurumoch Airport and back in comfortable Mercedes-Benz Viano.
  • Individual excursion of the Golden Age of motorcycle industry.
  • “Hearing” of exhibits, which will give special pleasure to fine connoisseurs of motorcycles.
Harley-Daidson UH
Zündapp KS 750
  • Consultation of the Motorworld’s expert on the exhibits of the collection.
  • A trip on a retro-motorcycle with triple Russian champion by enduro Alexei Nikishkin or another, no less dashing, employee of Motorworld in the vicinity ofour museum. The route of the trip is formed by us based on the weather conditions and the specifications of the motorcycle you selected.
  • Briefing and self-drive on a retro motorcycle with a sidecar
  • Photography of exhibits.
  • Accommodation (1 night) in a hotel or apartment hotel.
  • Minor repairs and storage in the warm box of your motorcycle.

The cost of the tour is determined individually depending on the program, route selection and motorcycles.

To get more information, book a tour and choose motorcycles for a trip, you can contact the head of «Motorworld by V. Sheyanov» Alexey Zudochkin using an e-mail or via tel. +7 (846) 374-99-42.

The optional program includes:

  • Professional photo shoot with retro motorcycles for you, your companion, children or family photoshoot. Best photographers, make-up artists and stylists will work with you.

  • Individual excursion to sights of the Samara province. The cost of the service depends on the route you choose based on our recommendations or self-selection. «Motorworld by V. Sheyanov» will provide a professional guide and help you choose the best route for free.
  • Dinner at Guest House “Izba”.

Orders for the program “Weekends with Motorworld” are accepted:
Head of «Motorworld by V. Sheyanov» Alexey Zudochkin
Telephone: +7 (846) 374-99-42

The team of «Motorworld by V. Sheyanov» is ready to open one of the brightest pages of your life!