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Welcome to the «Golden Age»

“Motorworld by V. Sheyanov” is the only place on Earth, where you can dive in Golden Era live history of motorcycle engineering.

Motorcycles are something more, than just a genius engineering thought welded together with steel for us. We do know each motorcycle we own in-and-out and continue to gain the knowledge all the time.

We don’t limit ourselves with technical information, we also witness how each motorcycle represents the nation’s character, how the engineering knowledge evolved over the time and how policits and economy influenced on motorcycle construction in each of 14 countries.

We also know a lot of personal stories about creators, racing drivers and legendary motorcycle fans like Vasiliy Stalin and Lawrance of Arabia.

Each one of our collectables is alive and ready to give a ride, while telling it’s unique story.

Our tours feature the following topics:

  • Elite civil motorcycles. Elite can be CIVIL – businessmen fight for people’s wallets by pushing out precious advertising slogans: “the prettier, the safer, the most important – faster than magical 100 mph.
  • Four-bangers. Even among the high society there are “kings” – gorgeous, prestigious FOUR-CILLINDER machines that can be compared to modern spaceships
  • Elite of military motorcycles. MILITARY elite – the product of a race for a contract with governments, that were getting ready for war with only one criteria in mind: victory at any price!
    The variety impresses: military machines with a driveshaft on a sidecar, motorcycles designed especially for fighting purposes, tricycles – beautiful workforce for fields and rearward sights.
  • “Biggest” Golden Era models. The collection expands to the side of BIGGEST models – when a motorcycle make “wasn’t tough enough” to put engines with a displacement over 750 ccs and used smaller ones. There were such … peppers that we simply couldn’t pass by, and we collect these precious iron pearls of technical thought bit by bit.
  • Russian line. We want to highlight the RUSSIAN LINE, which begins at “parental” BMW and trying to catch up with “hot” racers until the mid 60-s. Our heart is here, in Russia!
1000 rublesgroup tour for 4-10 persons
950 rubles group tour for 11-20 persons
900 rubles group tour for 21-30 persons
850 rubles group tour for 31-40 persons
800 rubles group tour for over 40 persons
500 rubles group tour for students (organized event)

Booking a tour or other features you can make via tel. +7 (846) 374-99-42 or e-mail