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We welcome our guests everyday, from 9 AM until 7 PM. Admission (Entrance tickets) and other services price-list can be seen in “Price” section

“Motorworld by V. Sheyanov” rarities are astonishingly beautiful. And we are ready to share that beauty. We are open for partnership and ready to afford our bikes for photosessions.

“Motorworld by V. Sheyanov” organizes offsite exposures in museums, shopping malls, moto and car dealerships. Our team has gained major experience in  participating in military-historical reconstructions and city festivals.

How long you have been dreaming about driving a BMW R75, or Zundapp KS750, or even something more rare?

We are giving you an opportunity to choose a motorcycle and learn how to drive it. And take it to a retro-journey.

«Motorworld by V.Sheyanov» – is the only place on Earth, where you can dive in Golden Era live history of motorcycle engineering, and the interesting story of XX century itself.

You will experience what a real motorcycle is – it is not only an “engineering thought, combined with steel, rubber and gasoline”. The tour will let you enter world of history: outstanding people, countries, communities and the whole human civilization. Fantastic experience and total delight guaranteed for everyone – from kindergartens to great-grandmothers.

“Golden Era” photosession is a great gift for beloved ones. They will dive into the world of cult motorcycles and get back with unforgettable memories and astonishing photos.

You have an opportunity to complete the look with a chosen motorcycle, invent and realize the artistic idea of your dreams – that is possible only here, at “Motorworld by V. Sheyanov. We welcome you and your beloved ones to our museum.

“Motorworld by V. Sheyanov” holds the mission to allow every fan of vintage machinery to experience the connection with live history, ignite the mighty engine and take a ride on a legendary motorcycle from Golden Era. The happiness of owning and driving the “iron horse” is incomparable to anything. We know that for sure and ready to share that happiness with you.