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Motorworld’s newspaper № 5

Launched in 1937,the U Series of Harley-Davidson, which replaced the V Series, consisted of six models: U, US and UL with 1,213 cc engine capacity, and UH, USH and ULH with 1,311 cc engine capacity. During the 12 year production period, the U Series motorcycles have been repeatedly improved and upgraded.

Harley Davidson EL from «Motorworld by V.Sheynov» collection

Harley Davidson U from «Motorworld by V.Sheynov» collection

Among the Harley-Davidson motorcycles with a 1,311 cc L-head engine, the 1937 UH model was one of the first to undergo design changes: deeper cooling fins, vertically arranged crankcase cover, circulating lubricating system, 4-speed gearbox and Linkert carburettor. It was a medium compression motorcycle that looked like the 1936 EL model with its double tubes frame, curved oil tank, drop-shaped dashboard (consisting of speedometer, ammeter, oil pressure gauge, ignition indicator and light switching block) and skirted fenders.

The UH model was used by U.S. police and not only as a personal vehicle. Until the mid-1940s, police officers were allowed to use personal motorcycles on duty, and at their own expenses to purchase police paraphernalia — siren, special lights, etc. Motorcycles were an ideal means of transportation in urban environment due to their manoeuvrability, high efficiency and power.

Harley-Davidson UH

There is a single case of Harley-Davidson UH being delivered to the US Army (contract number QM-9043, registration number USA 65446). The model was supplemented by an RCA radio station, probably in order to check out a possibility of using motorcycles for communications purposes. However, the availability of Jeep ended this experiment.

Within five years, 698 copies of UH model were produced.

Manufacturer Harley-Davidson Motors Co., Milwaukee (Wisconsin, USA)
Years of manufacture 1937 – 1941
Quantity produced, units 698
Price 415 $
Today’s value 6 706 $
Type Twin-cylinder, V-type, air-cooled
Engine capacity, cc 1311
Bore and stroke, mm 87 х 108
Engine rating 39 h.p. at 4600 rpm
Sparking Battery
Carburetor Linkert
Battery 6 V
Clutch Single plate, dry
Transmission 4-speed
Frame type Duplex tubular
Front suspension Springer
Rear suspension Rigid
Brakes Drum type
Wheel size 5,50 х 16
Length, mm
2 400
Width, mm
1 800
Height, mm
1 100
Wheelbase, mm
1 500
Ground clearance, mm
Seat height, mm
Mass, kg
Gas tank size, l
Maximum speed, km/h
Range, km

* – Data from the results of the measurement of the “Motorworld by V.Sheyanov” exhibit.