1936, BSA G14. Review & test-drive, part 2. Motorworld by V. Sheyanov classic bike museum

In Video by Мотомир Вячеслава Шеянова0 Comments

1937, BSA G14 (military): http://motos-of-war.ru/en/motorcycles/bsa-g14/
1935, BSA G14 (civil): http://motos-of-war.ru/en/motorcycles/bsa-g14-civ/

In 1937 Holland broke the contract with BMW re delivery of military motorcycles and switched to cooperation with BSA concluding one of the largest contracts over its whole history of working with foreign suppliers. In the two years before the German occupation, the BSA delivered to the Dutch army over 1750 motorcycles—models M13 and G14.

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Showman: Vyacheslav Sheyanov.
Cameraman and director: Aleksey Hlebcov.